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Photography Equipment For Sale... (St. Pete)

Photography Equipment For Sale... (St. Pete)

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Pentax Asahi Spotmatic SP (Zebra) (M42) $60 per body. I have 3, all in VGC. They all look to work. I've checked them out a bit. Shutters look good, but I am selling all cameras AS IS. Pentax Asahi SPII (Zebra) (M42) $60, ditto, this one was actually CLA's by the person who sold it to me. It's in really nice shape. Pentax KX (Film) BLACK, PAIR. These are quite hard to come by. One of them has a sticky arm, but is in good shape otherwise. The other I used and it worked okay. K1000 x3 (K)These are in really nice shape all of them. $60 a pop...

Eric Hendrickson will CLA these for about $75 a pop. It is well worth it. KX's are K mount and they are superb vintage film cameras. They have interesting mirror system. Black ones, very collectible. They go for $200 CLA'd, but these have not been so $200 for BOTH bodies. I've been offered $100 each several times for these by folks online. Not a lot of paint loss on these. I always meant to send them to Eric but I'm needing the money so, alas, I am giving these up. Most of my Pentax film bodies are in exceptional shape for cameras this old. I'm picky. I am still keeping my black and zebra SPII's but these all have to go.

Bodies DO NOT include lenses.


Chinon Auto (MC) 28mm 1:2.8 (K) $30
Chinon Auto 35mm f/2.8 (M42) $35
Chinon Auto 55 1:1.4 (M42) (This lens is superb! Not labeled Tomioka but I'm pretty sure it's the same lens. I have the other. No I will NOT give it up, and it's identical except for no name. All of the Chinon 50's I really like them a lot. They have lovely color rendition and are nicely sharp, almost as good as Takumars, but warmer.) $75
Chinon Auto 55mm 1:1.7 (M42) $25
Chinon Auto 50mm F1.9 (K) x2 $25 each
Chinon 135mm/F2.8 (M42) $40
Chinon 135mm 1:2.8 (K) $40
Chinon Auto 200mm 3.5 (M42) $65
Chinar 1:2.8 28mm (K) $15. Note this lens is a bit sticky hence the low price.
Chinar 135mm/F 2.8 (K) $30
Sears/Ricoh 28-70mm 1:3.5 Auto Zoom (Ricoh Pin Removed) $15
Sears/Ricoh Auto Zoom MC 28-70 1.35-4.5 (Ricoh Pin Removed, A-KR pin removed,
fully manual.) $15
Sears/Ricoh Auto Zoom 1:3.5-4.5 35-75 (No Ricoh pin...) $15
Ricoh-Rikenon 1:2 50mm (No Ricoh pin...) $15
Ricoh/Auto Sears MC 1:2.8 135mm $15
Rikenon 135mm $15
SMC-Pentax-M 1:2 50mm X2 $30 each
SMC Pentax-M 1:3.5 135mm $40

Pentax K Digital Auto Focus Lenses

Sigma 28-105MM F/3.8-5.6 UC III $40
Sigma 18-50 1:3.5-5.6 DC $40
Sigma DL Macro 1:4-5.6 70-300mm $40
Tamron AF-Aspherical 1:3.5-5.6 28-80 $30
SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL x2 $50 each
SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR $100
SMC Pentax-DA 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED WR $135

Vivitar M42 Lenses

Auto 1.1.9 50MM (Japan) $75
100mm Auto-Tele 1:2.8 $50
300mm TX 5.6 $20 (Lens has issues, hence the low price.)
Vivitar Close Focus Zoom 1:3.8 75-150mm/2X Custom Tele-Conv/2x1 $40
Auto Telephoto-Zoom 1:4.5-5.6 75-260 $35

M42 Takumars

Super-Takumar 1:1.8 55mm1.8 $50
Auto-Takumar 1:1.8 55MM $50
SMC Takumar 28mm/3.5 $80
SMC Takumar 35mm 1:3.5 $85
Super-Takumar 1:2.8 105mm $75
Takumar 135mm 3.5 $75
Super Takumar 1:4 150 $90

Most of these lenses are in stellar shape. I keep them in dry boxes and that. No fungus! The digital ones the Pentax ones I've listed most are running used $99-125 there about. Sigma, Tamron, a bit less. I need to downgrade and sell off almost my entire selection of stuff. I am pretty motivated to sell and will make deals if someone is interested in purchasing multiple lenses. Note, most of the M42 and some of the K mount lenses can be used on Nikon or Canon cameras with $10 adapters that you purchase on Ebay or Amazon. BUT YOU WILL NEED THE ADAPTERS FIRST.

I've had a multitude of people assume that I have tons of native lenses for Nikon and Canon and/or that they can just try the Pentax lenses out sans an adapter. PLEASE KNOW YOUR OWN CAMERA MOUNT. Sounds like a given right? But clearly people don't often know because they look at what I've got and just assume it's every camera mount but the ones I AM ACTUALLY SELLING. Yes, you can use them on Canon or Nikon or M43 or whatever usually but you will need to go to Amazon or Ebay and find the appropriate adapter for Pentax K/M43 mount for your camera. No offense but I've had to lead so many people to the right adapters that it's really taken up a lot of my time. It's time I just don't have right now. I am about to list other lenses for Konica, Yashica and that too. They will be clearly marked as such...

So when you email know what you want please, and tell me what lenses you might want because I have a lot of lenses and I'm getting ready to move later this Summer. Like I said I keep my lenses in dry boxes, a necessary thing here, and I do have to pull the ones you want to see. 9/10 people that email completely duck that question for some strange reason. I can even ask multiple times and it's like it's a big secret or something? Guy the other day I talk to him, he asks tons of questions, and in the end he tells me he's very interested but he has to go order adapters and finally asks me to hold like 8 lenses. He gets totally nose out of joint when I say "No." At that point I've spent an hour obligingly answering his questions but I'm not holding lenses for a week to while you go get your adapters. Another guy he tells me he wants lenses but he won't tell me what and it turns out he thinks all my lenses are another camera mount that he already has an adapter for. He didn't read the categories at all and notice that I am selling Pentax glass at all apparently. Another hour worth of questions later he finally realizes he's going to need a different adapter and drops the conversation entirely. I've had at least six guys contact me, ask a bunch of questions, tell me they want to meet the next day, but they just drop it, for a month, then they email again ask the same questions, and inevitably vanish again. In the meantime I'm selling off lenses they apparently want but they're gone when they come back and they're like "Oh darn!" You snooze you loose...

I can't hold lenses and just continue that, you know? I'm not going miss out on selling them to someone who does have their ducks in order while I wait. I'm not out there to be rude to people but the stuff I get asked, it's just been a bit unreal sometimes and like I said it's just taking up too much time. So from now on if someone emails me and they have 40 questions to ask before they will even tell me what they want I'm just not going to deal with them. I guess bottom line I'm saying get those ducks in order before you email me please?

FYI, I've sold quite a few. I do delete them as I do so people aren't inconvenienced by that. If you haven't tried using manual primes you're missing out BIG TIME. Some of these lenses are super sharp. I am open to REASONABLE offers but like I said I am going to check for current sell rates before I say yes to offers as I get them. Most of the offers I have gotten they have not been realistic at all. I have gotten some absurdly low ball offers for some of these lenses. People pleading poverty trying to get a $90 lens for $20 or something. Selling on CL is uh, interesting, sometimes, laugh.

No, I don't have time to take a million pics. Said it here, but still I've had to tell at least 20 people that. Sorry I am too busy packing to move and working. Like I said, NO fungus. Most of them are in VGC to excellent shape, no major issues, but you are of course welcome to check them out for yourself. Besides which I've never been good at taking lens pics, sorry...

CASH ONLY. Local pick up in Saint Pete, north side. I am NOT traveling for you. People have called me wanting me to meet them as far as halfway to Miami. Not kidding. I just don't travel. It's a medical thing. So no, I'm not going to meet you in Tampa or downtown or whatever. Again, I don't mean to be rude but at this point I do apparently have to make that clear because people are reading this and totally ignoring the fact that I've said LOCAL PICKUP, CASH ONLY. I'm not taking Pay Pal and shipping. This is not Ebay. I have taken one or two postal MO's and shipped but I really don't want to do that. I like people to check out their new lenses. You should if you can and if the seller is local. I would. Down here you should check because fungus is a real thing and even a pic is not going to show you sometimes whereas a good look with sun or a flashlight will.

(Ammo boxes, dry boxes, desiccant they are your best friends down here as a photographer. I cannot say that enough. Free advice, because living in the tropics is not great for keeping clean lenses. Sand and fungus, they are ubiquitous here. Just look at the cameras that people thrift and or sell, the junk on the lenses. Ick.)

Note I also have listings online now for some of these. I have a pal doing the Ebay thing for me, so as I sell them they will vanish off this list. I price pretty reasonably. I check the listings to see what lenses are going for but I'm in the business of selling my stuff for ME and making money not helping out the re-sellers by accepting their low ball prices for things so they can flip things and make the money. I am my own re-seller, okay? I am into selling to people who will USE and enjoy.

I'm being very blunt here because of the sheer amount of time I've spent explaining all of this to folks on CL the past couple of months. People clearly want the glass but they are not reading what I am writing and that despite the fact that I'm being very careful and long winded here. What you want to know 90% of it is already right here, written down for ya. Note, some of these lenses are going to vanish this next week.I have two places that I am selling them on, plus Ebay and they are starting to go a lot quicker. If you want something on my list you need to be proactive, okay? I'm intent upon moving things out faster now. I didn't really want to do Ebay. Shipping is a royal PITA, but it seems it was a necessary evil so some things are being listed and sold as I type...

Anyway that's it. Sorry it practically took me a novel to say it but I guess it needs saying...TY

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