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Contact Us   3 days ago
Pres.Obama says in Florida to America, I promise You, Your vote does matter 10202016

Obama says Trumps fraud claim undermines our democracy.Politics can\\\'t be boiled sown to a tweet.Knock on some doors, make some phone calls.Republicans let Trump happen.,br>Trump thinks you\\\'re suckers.Trump having a BROMANCE with Russia.I don\\\'t know if Trumps ever been to a Polling Place.President Obama has done several interviews with black radio stations and frequently touts a vote fo

Contact Us   3 weeks ago
Pres.Obamas Town Hall Fort Lee, he addresses the Needs of Service members their families

Obama and VA director have rebuilt the computer system accommodating 51,000,000 medical appointments every year.Topic of PTSD , suicide rate and prevention was discussed.Obama said there\\\'s no weakness n asking for helpHow to destimatize PTSDObama is very mineful when he has to send men and women into war theatre.We have increasd mental health providers by 40% along with hiring moremental health

Contact Us   1 month ago
Pres.Obama on Trump Even most 8 year olds know slavery was a bad time for Black people.

President Barack Obama sharply criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for saying earlier this week that the black community is in the worst shape it\\\'s \\\"ever been in before.\\\"Obama told ABC News in an interview that aired Friday on \\\"Good Morning America.\\\" \\\"Jim Crow wasn\\\'t very good for black people. What we have to do is use our history to propel us to make even

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Pres.Obama gives last speech as President before U.N. General Assembly

America has been a rare superpower and has been a force for Good.Nations must end Proxy wars that fuel disorder.Too much entrenched partisanship in U.S.Religious traditions can be upheld without teaching Intolerance.Abroad, we must strive to do better at home.World too small for us to resort to old ways of thinking.We must sustain our commitment to international cooperation.Hillary Clinton says Tr

$500.00   1 month ago
Purplepink pedicure chair $500

Pink and purple pedicure chair Massager includedOne for sale9/10 conditionWorks great

Contact Us   2 months ago
Assistance with my Brothers Funeral

I lost my Brother this Wednesday at 2:15 AM at Stanford Medical Center, due to an infection in his throat. I am currently raising funds to assist me with his Funeral costs. If anyone can assist me by donating or even sharing, I would be more than grateful. Thank you and God Bless.I have created a go fund me account to help:

$661.00   3 months ago
Hillary Clinton Tells the NAACP Youve been on the front lines for more than a century

Hillary Clinton told the audience We have difficult, painful, essential work ahead of us to repair the bonds between our police , our communities and between each other.We need to build trust and accountability but that gets harder every timesomeone else is killed.Everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone isrespected by the law.She gave a Shout Out to Black women.She sa

Contact Us   3 months ago
Pres.ObamaLet us Love not in word and speech but in action and truth

Pres. Obama at the Memorial Service for the fallen Dallas Police OfficerssaidOfficers were up holding our constitution.They deserve our respect not our scorn.From Great Suffering have shown us perseverance and incredible strength.Everyone during the shooting was helping everyone. That\\\'s the America I I know The 12 year old child of a mother who was shot wants to now become a cop.We must reject

$661.00   3 months ago
Hillary Clinton quotes Micah 68 What does the Lord require of you...walk humbly wih God Clinton:Trump only good at writing business books that all seem to end at Chapter 11Clinton\\\'s address in Ohio, one of the most important battleground states, sought to define Trump as little more than a con man, whose ignorance and ego would tank the global economy, bankrupt Americans and risk the country

Contact Us   3 months ago
Easy Money Earn From This Free App

Qriket! Go to your app store on your phone now and check it out! Download it to win free money, don\\\'t pass this up without at least seeing for yourself that this is not just another scam or false advertising. Its super simple and a genius idea! Spin the wheel, choose the color blue or yellow for it to land on and win the amount that pops up. Just go check it out already! Its free, and it stays

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Pres.Obama,Canadian Prime Minister Mexicos President are neighbors and Friends 06292016

President Obama got an assist from Mexico’s president, who warned darkly that Hitler and Mussolini used rhetoric similar to Trump’s with tragic resultsThe president said that a populist must fight for the working class and “ordinary people,” which he charged Trump has never done, and not simply criticize the downside of the global economy or denigrate immigrants. Obama says BREXIT should h

Contact Us   3 months ago
Pres.Obama says We Respect United Kingdoms Decision and Trumps Economic Plan is Crazy.

06/24/2016 Economic myths peddled by the GOP, insisting any clear-eyed assessment shows the country better off now then when Obama took office.The Americans who rest here at Arlingon National Cemetary, and their families — the best of us, those from whom we asked everything — ask of us today only one thing in return: that we remember them,\\\" Obama saidPres.Obama\\\'s Asian historic trip.Obam

Contact Us   3 months ago
Hillary Clinton Trump is too Quick to Anger and is of little faith

Trump has boasted about taking advantage of the tax code to pay as little as possible, but he\\\'s also made targeting those loopholes and the people and companies who use them a big part of his presidential campaignbr>Now, Trump might become the first presidential nominee since the \\\'70s to withhold his tax returns. Even though he criticized Mitt Romney for delaying his returns in 2012.Most

Contact Us   3 months ago
Pres.ObamaWe Respect Britains Decision to leave EU 06242016

President Barack Obama on today said the European Union and the United Kingdom will remained \\\"indispensable partners\\\" to the U.S., as he tried to reassure Britons that the storied special relationship between Washington and London can withstand an impending and possibly messy divorce from Europe.Families pleaded with Pres.Obama regarding the Orlando Violence. \\\"Families don\\\'t careabout

$661.00   3 months ago
Hillary Clinton and Warren Join forces in Ohio Supreme Court ruling a Victory for women

Hillary Clinton:Trump only good at writing business books that all seem to end at Chapter 11Clinton\\\'s address in Ohio, one of the most important battleground states, sought to define Trump as little more than a con man, whose ignorance and ego would tank the global economy, bankrupt Americans and risk the country\\\'s future.Where are your income tax filings???????Clinton wants to stop Lone Wol

$661.00   4 months ago
Hillary ClintonTrump only good at writing business books that all seem to end at Chapter 11

Clinton\\\'s address in Ohio, one of the most important battleground states, sought to define Trump as little more than a con man, whose ignorance and ego would tank the global economy, bankrupt Americans and risk the country\\\'s future.Clinton wants to stop Lone Wolves. Trumps inflammatory rhetoric hurts muslimswho love freedom.Clinton says it matters what we do more than what we say. We got Bin

$661.00   4 months ago
Hillary ClintonAssault Weapons Ban would Save Lives GOP senators fail the American People again

Senate Democrats, led by Chris Murphy of Connecticut, have ended a filibuster on the US Senate floor after nearly 15 hours, announcing Republican leaders agreed to hold votes on Democrat-backed measures to expand background checks and prevent suspected terrorists from acquiring guns.Democrats were angling for votes on the two gun control measures, which they are presenting as amendments to a pendi

Contact Us   4 months ago
AFL-CIO Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

“Hillary Clinton is a proven leader who shares our values. Throughout the campaign, she has demonstrated a strong commitment to the issues that matter to working people, and our members have taken notice. The activism of working people has already been a major force in this election and is now poised to elect Hillary Clinton and move America forward,” said AFL-CIO President Richard TrumkaRep.

Contact Us   4 months ago
Pres.Obama, Biden,Survivors,Families Community Emotionally Call on Congress to Act on Guns

Families pleaded with Pres.Obama regarding the Violence. \\\"Families don\\\'t careabout Politics and neither do I\\\" he saidWe must have resolve to do what\\\'s necessary to reduce hated.This community has been shaken by evil. It\\\'s time for Lawmakers to Rise tothe moment with some Good. This is going to take more than the military to stop this evilAmericans are targeted because we welcome eve

Contact Us   4 months ago
Pres.ObamaEn Route to Orlando,Florida to support Survivors, Families and Community

President Obama unleashed a blistering denunciation of Donald Trump, arguing that the presumptive Republican nominee’s rhetoric about Muslims betrays American values and risks helping al-Qaida and the so-called Islamic State.“There has not been a moment in my seven and a half years as president where we have not been able to pursue a strategy because we didn’t use the label ‘radical Islam.

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Last Updated on: October 25, 2016