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Contact Us   6 days ago
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runs, lovely running. Even better batting. Good length on off and middle, absolutely nothing wrong with that. Wner\\\'s technique is such that he always stays leg side of the ball to find gaps through the off side. He opens the face this time and finds the gap behind point for two dropped. 138 kph, good length on off. , with his leg side technique, tries to dab one down to third man. He ends up st

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UT, not all that short to pull but Head had decided he was going to go for it anyway, looked to fetch it from outside off too, and all he managed in the top was a top edge. It was swirling around for a long, long time but Dck called nice and early, kept his eyes on it all along till he saw it lodge into his gloves.

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reate history and become the first side ever to whitewashhir to Wer, 1 run, cuts that to Ra at deep pointEnd of a top spell from Ta. Wer quickly went up to put his arm around Tir and have a laugh as he was walking off after taking his cap from the umpire

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gged down outside off, Ar finds the gap now. ing it square, to the right of a diving backward point too full and outside off, leans into the drive and strokes it crisply through extra-cover. The ball plugs in the deep, Rn, I think, chases and that\\\'s only three

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shortish and on middle and leg again, cramps him for room. Played to short midwicket naeem: \\\"so this now highest opening partnership i previous best is 178\\\" back of a length on middle, goes back and punches down to long-off

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You now have to make a small, critical adjustment with just the bat; it\\\'s too late to do anything with your feet now. You have to be ready to quickly draw the bat away and not play the ball, open or close the face of the bat or simply change the original position of the bat depending on the behavior of the ball. It\\\'s like how a

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I am no expert, but this is against every thing I have known about playing spin. First idea of trying to reach out with just your bat by sighting Adin is misleading because he was both a wristy player with high reach in his hands. Ravi told Sachin that this won\\\'t work against Warne because of Sachin\\\'s height. Look at Micarke, one of the best against spinner dances when he bats

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feet is the key. Then asking someone to go back deep won\\\'t work always, because most batsman will try to reach forward realizing a fuller length only to get caught up in his crease. K was moving either fully backward or fully forward based on the length not always. Suggesting watching the ball out of the hands as lower priority is un acceptable. As

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Contact Us   1 week ago
Contact Us   1 week ago
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$250.00   1 week ago
Secrets to making $250 a day revealed inside...

on what we do. We have spoken about it before, when the Pakan series started, and there will probably be a reminder from the coach leading into the third game.\\\"Reflecting on Sunday\\\'s loss, Bliss admitted that Eand had shown a little bit of inexperience, particularly with the bat, but added: \\\"The lesson from both games is that Banh are no

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WK role. I for one am a little sick of seeing senior players not performing on a consistent basis. The likes of Wang and Tar need to start proving their worth overseas. That is all\\\" ohli gets his gear in order, Inore recognises the Icaptain striding out and shows some love. Hard to miss that MRF blade around these parts

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Last Updated on: October 23, 2016