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Woodworking Planes and Tools (Baldwin City, KS)

Woodworking Planes and Tools (Baldwin City, KS)

  Woodworking Planes and Tools Baldwin City, KS

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At Antiques on the Prairie in Baldwin City, KS you will find over 140 beautiful vintage hand planes and other woodworking tools in excellent condition. Most of these tools were made in the 1920's and 30's and many are over 100 years old. If you are a collector or woodworker you will find tools you cannot find anywhere else. Booth 13 has over 40 Stanley Sweetheart planes made between 1922 and 1934. Also there are over 40 truly rare planes.

Bedrock planes cover the range from the smallest No. 602 to largest No. 608 including three 604 1/2 heavy smoothing planes, 605 1/4 and 605 1/2C. There are two no. 602 Bedrocks ( flat top sides no. 602, type 6 and a 602C flat top sides type 6) and the rare 605 1/2 smooth sole flat top sides Bedrock. Bedrocks were the premium planes built by Stanley from 1898 to 1943 and there are currently 16 of them at the mall.

Stanley bench plans range from the small no. 2 to no. 6 fore plane. There are several smoothing planes, several jack planes including a no. 5 1/4 jr. jack plane and several fore planes and many jointer planes. Also there is the rare Stanley no. 5 1/4C Jr. Jack plane.

Stanley aluminum planes include the no. A18, A4, A5, A6 and A78 all sweethearts.

If you need a low angle plane for cross or end grain wood stock there are several including some rare versions. These include Stanley no. 60, 60 1/2, 61, 62, 64 butcher block plane with tooth cutter, 65, 65 1/2, 97 chisel plane and no. 118 plane.

There are many block planes including rare Stanley planes like the no. 9 3/4 with rosewood tail knob (three of them), 15, 15 1/2 with rosewood tail knobs Block plane include Stanley no. 16, 18, 18 1/4, A18, S18, 19, 100, 100 1/2 and 101, 102, 103, 110, 120, 130, 131, 230, Stanley two-tone block plane and the Stanley four square household block plane.

There are six Stanley no. 39 skew dado planes, two Stanley no. 140 skew rabbet planes including a type 1. There are several types of rabbet planes, a Stanley no. 97 chisel plane. A rare Stanley no. 85 cabinet scraper plane, no. 81 and no. 83 Stanley cabinet scrapers, no. 20 compass plane and a Stanley no. 113 compass plane for curved surfaces. Several musical instrument makers planes, scrub planes, no. 90, 93 and 94 shoulder planes, squirrel tail planes, and several Stanley type 1 and type 2 planes. There are three Stanley trim planes.

There is a Stanley no. 45 with full box of cutter and slitter, Stanley no. 46 skew plow plane with two cutters and a Stanley no. 50 light combination plane with a box of cutters. Also there is a Stanley no. 71 router plane (USA version) with two cutters and the fence. Some other rare plane is the Stanley no. 74 floor plane (type 1). Also a Stanley no. 40 scrub plane.

Stanley cabinet scraper planes include the no. 12, 12 1/4, 12 1/2, 81, 83 and 85.

Some of the special planes include the Stanley no. 39-3/8", 39-1/2", 39-3/4", 39-1", 48 T and G plane, 148 T and G Match Plane, 190, 191, 192, 248, 278 and a 378 plane.

You will find a rare Stanley Shoe Buckle block plane, a Victor Bailey no. 000 block plane, a Stanley no. 131 double end block plane, Stanley no. 79 (type 1) side rabbet plane, a rare Stanley no. 65 type 1. There are approx. 30 planes that are over 100 years old and all in preserved condition.

Also you will find four rare Stanley Carriage planes, no. 10, 10C, 10 1/4 with tilting knob and tote and the rare Stanley no. 10 1/2 type 1 with adj. mouth.

Other tools include Stanley rosewood handle squares, Stanley rosewood handle sliding bevels, Stanley rosewood marking gauges, four Stanley cast iron levels, a Stanley sweetheart mahogany brass bound level and two other Stanley wood levels. Also you will find a Stanley no. 59 doweling jig, the rare no. 60 doweling jig, a fixed and folding handle drawknifes, several Stanley spoke shaves, a coopers traveler wheel and a Craftsman 10" woodworking vice with quick-release and sliding dog.

Drawknives include a scorp, fixed handle drawknife, folding handle drawknife and the super rare D.R. Barton coopers chamfering drawknife.

Bring a woodworking buddy and put your hands on some of these vintage but usable planes.

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