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$26,900, 60ft Altec 2000 Ford F750 Bucket Boom Truck M120241

$26,900, 60ft Altec 2000 Ford F750 Bucket Boom Truck M120241

  $26,900, 60ft Altec 2000 Ford F750 Bucket Boom Truck  M120241

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60ft Altec 2000 Ford F750 Bucket Boom Truck – M120241

Stock: M120241
Price: $26,900.00
Chassis -Y/M/M: 2000 Ford F750
Miles: 85000
Fuel: Diesel
Brakes: Air
GVWR: 33000 lbs
Drive: 4X2
Cab Guard: None
Body Type: Utility Body
Under CDL: No
A/C: Yes
Unit – Y/M/M: 2000 Altec
Working Height: 60 ft
Unit Mount Location: Rear Mount
Auxiliary Stabilizer: 2
Platform Height: 55 ft
Material Handler: 2000 lb max
EXTRAS: Insulated Boom

Monster Equipment, LLC / 941-377-7225

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6120 Porter Road. Sarasota, FL,34240    google map | yahoo map

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