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Hi, I love this car and I won't feel too badly if it doesn't sell, but I'm simply not using it enough, as it is carefully garaged in the winter, and in the summer I am usually on my bicycle or my motorcycle or my scooter. So I think it would be best if this classic, exotic, distinctive everyday driver was owned by somebody who used it more. Maybe a Florida or California or Arizona Buyer?

If you're reading this you may already know about the Mangusta and its glorious history. Or maybe you just know a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Italian sports car when you see one. If you are a serious buyer, I can fill you in (I have several books and personal contacts to which I can refer you). This is the modern, comfortable, practical, and affordable successor to the legendary and exciting DeTomaso Mangusta -- but eminently more practical and comfortable.

Qvale built 284 of these superlative cars, and maybe there are 130 left in the whole wide world. Another way to describe this car is to call it "An Italian Mustang," but "Italian" must be emphasized, as these cars were hand-built in Italy by craftsmen using the finest materials and components in a purpose-built factory in "Ferrari Country," Modena, Italy. They were so well-built that even at $80,000 each (over 100K in today's money) the company could not turn a profit on them...that is the build quality we're talking about here.

For example, the RCM (resin composite material) body panels were made in France just for the Qvale, and shipped to Italy. The galvanized steel chassis was expertly hand built by local specialists Vaccari and Bosi. The 330 horsepower Ford Cobra 4.6-liter V-8 motor, shipped from the U.S.A. to Modena, and installed in the Qvale after changing out the badges. The interior is an ocean of top-grade Italian Leather -- sourced from local Italian craftsmen -- it is everywhere, even on the dashboard and glovebox door! The seats are completely adjustable and, in my opinion, the most comfortable I have ever sat in, on any other car, period.

The entire car was engineered around the excellent Cobra V-8 motor -- the Mangusta was nothing, and I mean nothing, like a kit car. The Late Kjell Qvale, patriarch of the Qvale west coast sports car dynasty, pointed out that the Mangusta was very-well engineered, very well tested, and the bugs very well worked out. In fact -- and this sums up the Qvale Mangusta story -- he says that the car itself was very successful, and that only the business aspects of the project were a failure. That failure means you can buy an incredible amount of really terrific car for the money, and stand out in the crowd at the same time.

Styled by Marcello Gandini, who did the Lamborghini Countach and Diablo, the Ferrari Dino 308GT4, and the Maserati Ghibli II. The chassis is the work of the Argentinian race car designer, technical director, and Formula 1 team racing boss Enrique Scalabroni -- a class act altogether. The overall Qvale project was managed by Giordano Casarini, who was hired away from Masarati to do the Mangusta, and who later did the legendary BMW Z1, examples of which now go for over $100,000.00. Casarini's signature appears on a plaque in the engine bay of this car.

The entire design/engineering/production effort for the Qvale Mangusta was like a "Greatest Hits" of the Italian automotive industry's biggest talents. It began life as a "DeTomaso Bigua" and was designed to be an Italian answer to the TVR. Of course, it ended up being hugely superior to that vehicle. The Italians do an incredibly brilliant job when you hand them blank checks and tell them to have fun and excel themselves, a fact to which both Kjell Qvale and Terry Gilliam, among others, could testify.

I will tell you what is special about my particular car, compared to other Qvale Mangustas you may be considering, many of which are selling for as high as $40K. I've seen them go as high as 45K.

First of all, the condition -- really excellent. There are no scratches or cracks in the windshield, the seats and the roof and everything is very good. The car has only 25K original miles and has been regularly serviced and tuned. The car has been lovingly maintained by the superb people at Executive Automotive here in Santa Fe, and I have all the receipts. They know the car well and will vouch for its condition -- no surprises, no risk. The car has a new full DIN Kenwood $1000 super-radio CD Bluetooth thing with hands-free cell phone integration.

One very appealing feature of this particular car is the paintwork -- the car was completely disassembled and received a full, body-off, first-class respray, replacing the unappealing original Qvale "Corallo Red Pearlescent" paint (which had purple in it, and looked muddy as a result) with a gorgeous, traditional Ferrari Red. The paint job was $10K alone, and you can tell: it's absolutely great and better-than-factory. The car is tight and weatherproof. Everything works just as it should -- inside, out, and underneath. I just had the Tie-Rod Ends and Boots replaced, and a wheel alignment done, so she drives straight as an arrow. This is a 160 mile per hour car. Big Brembo disk brakes all around, of course.

Washed and Waxed, the car takes your breath away -- and that of everyone who views it -- be prepared to stop traffic and answer endless questions, from knowledgeable car buffs to the kids on the street. Believe it or not, I have NEVER gotten a speeding ticket in this car -- cops love it so much they let you off with a warning after they've kept you ten minutes asking questions and admiring the thing. This car is watertight and weatherproof with the magical 3-way "Rototop" -- it is the only car ever made with a retractable Targa Roof -- what's a Porsche? You have the choice of fully-open roadster, Targa Up on chilly nights, or fully-closed with the roof panel that stows away in the trunk. Neat!

The Mangusta's fully-open roadster body was tested to have a torsional rigidity (stiffness) GREATER than a fully-closed Mercedes-Benz Sedan of the era -- that is quality, and it translates into an incredible driving experience. There is no cowl shake, no chassis flex, no roadster handling compromises. With Beautiful Antera alloy wheels, Michelin Tires, heavy-duty 5-Speed manual transmission, everything on the Mangusta is the best. The original owner's manual is included with an embossed leather cover!!! Naturally, this great-handling, seriously-fast car is an attention-getter and is amazing fun to drive.

Serious buyers can e-mail me using the Craigslist messaging system or text me at 913-9050 (area code 505). There are not many Mangustas nicer than this one, especially when you consider the excellent condition, the superb appealing paint job and color, the low mileage, the service history, and the super-duper radio. Serious buyers and serious offers will be seriously considered. Please don't respond if you aren't seriously interested in owning this car.

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Last Updated on: March 20, 2018
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