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$450, SIG P290RS 9MM Sub-Compact Pistol with Laser - Deep Concealable - Ultra Reliable

$450, SIG P290RS 9MM Sub-Compact Pistol with Laser - Deep Concealable - Ultra Reliable

  $450, SIG P290RS 9MM Sub-Compact Pistol with Laser - Deep Concealable - Ultra Reliable

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If you are looking for a deep concealable, safe, ultra reliable, self-protection handgun, with a simple point and shoot laser system, then look no further.

Forget about the debate of a 32 ACP or .380 as a defensive round.. this firearm shoots a 9MM NATO.  9MM can go up to 147GR with all kinds of Law Enforcement loads.

Sig Sauer 290RS9-EDC-XTM P290RS Nitron Sub-Compact Enhanced DAO 9mm 2.9" 6+1 Black/Gray G10 Grip Blk

Sig Sauer\\\'s P290RS Enhanced pistol is a sub-compact 9mm designed to be the ultimate in conceal carry. This unique 9mm pistol is the perfect small defense handgun that meets the demands of today\\\'s law enforcement professionals as a backup duty gun, and responsible citizens as a conceal carry gun. It has a black polymer frame, a black Nitron-coated stainless steel slide, Sig\\\'s Re-Strike DAO trigger, contrast sights, and Hogue G10 Piranha black/gray grip inserts. It comes with one flush fit magazine.

Caliber: 9mm
Action Type: DAO
Trigger Pull DAO: 9.0 lb Average
Overall Length: 5.5 in
Overall Height: 3.9 in
Overall Width: 0.9 (1.1 in with slide catch lever)
Barrel Length: 2.9 in
Sight Radius: 4.3 in
Weight w/Mag: 20.5 oz
Mag Capacity: 6 Rounds
Sights: SIGLITE® Night Sights
Frame Finish: Black polymer
MSRP: $513.00


Built in Red Laser w/extra batteries (This was factory installed... not an after market item)
Extra Hand grip inserts
Extra 7 Round Mag with a finger rest.
Original Owner\\\'s manual, box, lock, lube, etc.


Take a look at:
P290 | Sig Sauer
Sig Sauer P290. World renowned and the choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users.
Over the past five years, we have seen an explosion of Americans who are interested in personal protection and concealed carry. A popular choice for concealed carry ...

Shooting Illustrated | SIG Sauer P290
The SIG Sauer P290 offers 9 mm power in an easy-to-conceal package that is controllable when it counts.

For The Sale: NV ID, Bill of Sale, Legal Ability to Own. Got hit with a tax bill, forced to sell. Thanks for looking. No Trades.

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9151 West Sahara, Las Vegas, NV,89117    google map | yahoo map

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