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The position listed below is not with Rapid Recruitments but with Renaissance Community Co-opRapid Recruitment\'s is a private organization that works in collaboration with government agencies to promote emerging careers. Our goal is to connect you with supportive resources to supplement your skills in order to attain your dream career.Job DescriptionThe Renaissance Community Cooperative (RCC) General Manager (GM) will bring all the RCC’s resources to bear in developing a financially stable full-service grocery business that upholds the RCC’s vision of a community-owned store that provides dignified jobs, meets community needs for fresh food, and builds community wealth. At this point in the RCC’s development, the central task of the GM is to understand, refine, and enact the store’s Business Model, as established by the RCC Board of Directors and its designated technical assistance providers, with the goal of significantly raising sales volume. This requires the GM to focus relentlessly in two areas: (1) building strong store operations that can support steady sales increases while enhancing customer satisfaction, and (2) developing and enacting a nimble, research-based marketing plan that differentiates the RCC from its competitors, attracts new customers, and increases average basket ring.The GM establishes and oversees all aspects of day-to-day RCC operations, improving them as necessary to better meet the demands of the Business Model and grow sales volume, while holding costs at an appropriate level in every store department. Working closely with department managers, the GM is responsible for maintaining a comprehensive grocery selection that is well organized, dependably stocked, and meets the needs of identified customer segments. The GM will ensure all employees receive proper training and supervision (including cross-training across jobs and departments as appropriate), with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. The GM will also ensure correct ordering, receiving, unloading, storage and rotation of merchandise and building of displays—all in service to the Business Model and growing store sales.With regard to marketing the RCC, the GM will work with the RCC’s designated technical assistance providers and market research professionals to develop, test, and implement a marketing plan that makes use of diverse outward-facing and in-store marketing components. The marketing plan will be based in research on the interests, needs, and desires of the various customer segments targeted by the Business Model. (RCC’s customers segments are drawn from people living within a one-mile radius of the store, as well as more than 1,300 store owners, many of whom live further away.) The GM will work with the marketing team to revise marketing plans and budgets on a regular basis in light of new information about customers and data on the efficacy of various marketing channels.To meet the operational and marketing objectives named above, the GM must bring strong knowledge of grocery finance and back office operations in establishing and maintaining strong backbone systems in finance, accounting, and human resources. The GM will actively develop leadership, know-how, and other capacities among staff by creating a team-oriented, problem-solving climate in general and by explicitly identifying and developing in-house management talent. The GM will develop systems and behaviors that build strong two-way communication with the Board and its chosen technical assistance providers.The GM adheres to the RCC’s Bylaws and Governance Policy Manual. The GM is hired and supervised by the RCC Board of Directors and serves at the Board of Director’s discretion.Without limiting this general statement of responsibility, specific responsibilities of the Interim General Manager include:Operational FunctionsEnsure compliance with all applicable laws, policies, sanitation and health regulations, covenants, agreements, and RCC policies; promptly address any and all areas of non-compliance.Develop and maintain efficient operational systems that adhere to governance policies, industry best practices and procedures for daily operations that will grow sales volume and ensure a stable, profitable, and growing grocery store.Routinely (at least daily) walk the store to identify issues and areas for improvement and discuss corrections for problems with the Manager on Duty.Evaluate store conditions and operations to determine strengths and areas for improvement; reinforce strengths while developing and implementing improved practices and procedures.Use initiative, ingenuity, creativity and good judgment to promptly act on opportunities and issues as they occur within the store.Ensure conditions regarding the treatment of paid staff that are humane, fair and dignified and in accordance with State and Federal law and employee personnel policies adopted by the Board of Directors.Build and sustain good relationships with wholesale distributors, vendors, and producers to sustain effective sourcing, pricing, and product promotion.Effectively manage the fiscal budget, inventory, and shrink expenses, including labor and supply management and cash control with a high level of integrity, urgency and responsibility and within the best interests of RCC.Meet regularly with the Store Leadership Task Force (SLTF), which is the Board’s chief vehicle for direct supervision, support and accountability for the GM.Monitor and manage retail floor operations, supply chain, and back-of-store operations that support the retail floor, across departments.Plan for the store’s ongoing operational needs, including technology, facilities, and equipment.Keep the Board of Directors informed of items related to operations, store finances, community affairs, potential legal issues, and all other matters relevant to successful operations.Assist the Board of Directors in communicating the RCC’s vision, mission, actions, and Business Model to the community.Financial FunctionsDevelop and maintain systems for accurate financial documentation of all store transactions, in accordance with RCC financial policies and procedures and the Governance Policy document.Provide updates to the Board of Directors on financial performance of the store, in accordance with the RCC Governance Policy document, and support the Board of Directors in monitoring and overseeing the store’s finances.Ensure that the store’s assets are adequately safeguarded from loss.Manage operational and financial risks and document transactions or conflicts of interest in the management of RCC resources.Collaborate with the Board of Directors and their chosen technical assistance providers in planning for the cooperative’s financial future, including budgeting, use of owner equity, financing needs, and future profitability.Marketing FunctionsThrough consultation with the Board and its technical assistance providers, assist in developing an effective marketing strategy, plan, and budget that grows sales and is consistent with the mission, vision and Business Model of the RCC.Implement the marketing plan as developed and adopted by the RCC Board and its technical assistance providers.Ensure that all opportunities for in-store marketing, displays, signage, and messaging are consistent with and amplifying the marketing plan.Monitor and report to the Board and its selected technical assistance providers data regarding the efficacy of marketing efforts, and assist in adjusting the marketing plan accordingly.Staffing and Team Development FunctionsDevelop and maintain Human Resources systems and paperwork that are efficient and compliant with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.In collaboration with the Board of Directors, establish personnel policies, procedures, and compensation schedules that are consistent with the goals, values, mission, and Business Model.Adopt or create necessary job descriptions and recruit for positions as needed in accordance with Equal Opportunity Employment Law.Develop and maintain an organizational structure that promotes fair distribution of workloads and pay, teamwork, and problem-solving, while maintaining maximum services to customers and owners.Ensure adequate orientation, position training, and safety training for all staff, and complement that with ongoing cross-training and staff development that allows employees to grow their individual skills and knowledge.In consultation with department managers, develop and post cost-effective staffing schedules that ensure adequate and safe coverage of all store functions with qualified staff for all hours of store operations.Ensure the assignment of a Manager on Duty (MOD) during all hours of operation, and ensure persons assigned to the MOD role have a clear understanding of their responsibilities for the particular shift they are covering (opening, closing, and the hours in between).Hire, supervise, and evaluate performance of departmental managers and staff.Meet weekly with the in-store management team.Create a coordinated, motivated, knowledgeable management team by teaching, coaching, empowering, and holding accountable departmental managers.Ensure that department managers understand the Business Model and its implications for their departments, so they can readily see opportunities to improve their departments’ ability to meet and exceed sales goals and better meet the demands of the Business Model.In consultation with department managers, develop key performance indicators for each department and hold department managers accountable to these.For the purpose of stability and succession planning, work with the Board to identify existing management team member(s) who can be groomed to lead the store. Work with the Board to develop and implement a program of professional development that advances such person’s ability to lead the store.Ensure each department\'s signing and merchandising reflects the Business Model and an appropriate departmental interpretation of the store’s overall value message.Provide close supervision and guidance to department managers in product and supply ordering, equipment setup, department organization, and vendor assistance.Directly and indirectly through department managers, ensure that the entire store team is productive at all times and that the store consistently meets high standards of cleanliness, service, and quality.On at least a quarterly basis, and more often as needed, convene all staff to communicate policies and procedures, seek input, and build morale.Conduct at least annual evaluations of all staff, both direct and indirect reports (with department managers for indirect reports), following the policies and procedures in the RCC Personnel Policy manual.Minimum QualificationsA minimum of 10 years management experience in conventional or cooperative grocery businesses, with responsibilities to hire, supervise, and train staff; select vendors and purchase inventory; market assorted grocery products; and maintain financial records; analyze and interpret financial, customer, and product data to improve sales.A high school diploma or equivalent experience is required.Compliant with all RCC policies.Authorization to work in the United States.Successful completion of background check.Possession of Food Safety Certification or the ability to obtain same within 60 days of placement.Extensive point-of-sale experience.Excellent organizational skills, combined with flexibility and the ability to prioritize and perform well under pressure.Ability to work well with others in a friendly, cooperative environment where teamwork and constant communication are essential.Ability to problem solve and multi-task.Ability to manage and resolve conflict.Ability to be open, vigilant and skilled at working in a multiple income, POC, dynamic community.Ability to evaluate and collaborate with a diverse staff.Excellent oral communications skills, both in listening to and instructing others.Ability to write clearly and succinctly and to prepare written reports, instructions, and checklists.Ability to use spreadsheet programs to capture and analyze data.Familiarity with Quickbooks or similar retail accounting software programs.Ability to work weekends and long hours.Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.Must be able to bend and stoop to grasp objects and climb ladders. Bend and twist neck and waist, reach above and below shoulders and squat.Must be able to bend and lift loads, not to exceed 50 pounds, push and pull carts weighing up to 100 pounds.Repetitive use of hands for grasping, pushing, pulling, and fine manipulation will be required.Environmental exposure to extreme temperatures (coolers, freezer, outdoors, etc.) is required.Preferred QualificationsTwenty years experience in supermarkets.Five years proven leadership as a retail grocery store manager.3-year commitment.Previous knowledge of and experience working with cooperative enterprises, or willingness to learn and weave knowledge of cooperative businesses into operations.Experience with start-ups.A data-driven, experimental mindset – trying new ideas quickly, scaling up those that work.Company DescriptionThe Renaissance Community Cooperative (RCC) opened it\'s doors in Fall 2016. After more than 18 years in a food desert and numerous efforts to bring a grocery store to the community, residents in Northeast Greensboro founded the RCC and opened their own!The RCC is a 10,500 square foot full-service grocery store with produce, meat, dairy, frozen, deli and grocery departments. The store is a consumer cooperative and currently has ~1,300 owners. Open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. , we are a vibrant hub of service to the Northeast Greensboro community.Learn more at

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