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Everything but The Kitchen Sink in my STORAGE UNIT FOR SALE! - $100 (+/-) Wholesale Lots for Anyone NC or SC)

Everything but The Kitchen Sink in my STORAGE UNIT FOR SALE! - $100 (+/-) Wholesale Lots for Anyone NC or SC)

  Everything but The Kitchen Sink in my STORAGE UNIT FOR SALE! - $100 - Wholesale Lots for Anyone NC or SC

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Please, write down this number immediately before continuing as this ad may disappear! 7O4-5I6-7222. I have no idea why, there's plenty of room for everyone and I really need to sell my stuff!

General for Sale by Owner - Please READ FIRST. (I KNOW it looks LONG... But no sense wasting your time if it's not what you want!! When you're ready to come and pick up an order, please TEXT, or reply with name AND PHONE NUMBER or the email will be deleted as spam.

WHAT DO I HAVE? Everything & Anything, I Specialize in Nothing! Please understand, if you do specialize, collect, or have interest in specific things, this is not for you! Picking is simply not possible (if you read on you'll understand why). So please don't send me "do you have...?" emails.

Online Sales, Thrift Store, Flea Market Inventory For Sale by the Box, or All. Located in Charlotte / Matthews. Wholesale lots large or small or all!

I HAVE A TON of items (many 1000s) in storage for reselling. Approx. 475+/- boxes! For 2 decades I've loved & enjoyed picking & reselling but I've just got WAY too much, it's more than I can get listed on eBay in my LIFETIME!! I want to move out about 95% of what I have and this is no small task!! (you'll see this ad up for some time to come as I have enough for many people!).

NO FURNITURE. ALL SMALLS. The majority you'll sell for $1 to $30 and up (with occasional "finds"!) depending on how & where you sell. It depends on any given lot, no 2 lots will be the same. NEW & USED. Lots of Vintage (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s), lots of knick-knacks, ceramics, glass, collectible cups, mugs, plates, home decor, pottery, art, some things signed, some not, dishware, new in package items, gift type items, wall pictures, figurines, costume jewelry, clothing, shoes, handbags, doodads, linens, china, CDs, DVDs, books, vases, planters, lawn & garden, 100s of new plumbing supplies, household, tobacciana, breweriana, health & beauty, bed & bath, cosmetics, linens, clothes, toys, small kitchen appliances & gadgets, hardware, woodware, barware, business office supplies, tools, parts, pieces, doohickies, sets of things, etc. I COULD GO ON & ON, but it really doesn't matter, if you are a reseller you know that it is ALL sellable.

There is NOTHING here that can't be sold for at least double to 5x your money, in some cases more, especially if you sell online. I do it every day.

I'm just getting wholesale prices: .25, .50, .75 cents, $1, $2, $3, $4, $5 for each item FOR THESE BOXES of $1-$30+ items. I'm willing to break it down into these small "lots" so anyone can afford to get them. NO PICKING, WHAT'S IN THE BOXES IS AS IS (it's a surprise mix of whatEVER!). We all know that sometimes what you really think will sell doesn't, and what you thought "no way" does!!

NOTE!! The first sellers who asked for $100 orders, have all returned multiple times for more. You can ask for more or less than $100. It is to MY benefit to make SURE you're getting your money's worth because I need you to come back for more REPEATEDLY!! Again, NO PICKING, IT'S SIMPLY NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE. I TRULY WISH IT WAS, it would be much easier on ME! (if you read on you'll understand why) So please, don't don't send me "do you have...?", OR "where are you located, I'd like to see what you have" emails. . .

Just Tell Me what you'd like to spend to "break the ice" and I'll put an order together for you! I HAVE SO MANY BOXES that I don't remember at all what I have and do not even know what some of the stuff IS when I come across it! Your lot will be as much of a surprise to me as it is to you lol!... Delivery IS possible if pre-paid starting with your 2nd order (after you've picked up and are happy with your FIRST order!).

EXTRA NOTE FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN THE WHOLE STORAGE UNIT!! I WILL sell the whole unit, 10'x20'!!, for $10K OBO (which includes 95% of what's in the unit and about $2K worth of good storage shelving!), but I have it packed so well/nicely/neatly/fully that you CAN'T SEE what's there (like Storage Wars!). There is no way, no space, to open/unpack all the packed boxes to know exactly what you're buying. There is so much, each box was packed full, often with individually wrapped fragile items. Boxes are shelved floor to ceiling, and there are loose items fit in between and on top of! I have no doubt there's $100K+/- retail as I'm doing more than $22K a year part-time (can prove it), and all I've cleared in 3 years is the front half of the isles LOL!! (If this was Storage Wars, I've seen enough episodes (100+!) to know that the way these belongings are packed & stacked with care, they'd bid this unit up to $15 or $20K easy!!). So if anyone is opening a store, does major online sales volume (or wants to), or has warehouse storage and wants a nice big truck load...

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Last Updated on: January 23, 2018
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