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$1,395, 5001 Colorado Cabin Elk Hunt $3000 per person discounted down to only $1395 for 1st caller

$1,395, 5001 Colorado Cabin Elk Hunt $3000 per person discounted down to only $1395 for 1st caller

  $1,395, 5001 Colorado Cabin Elk Hunt $3000 per person discounted down to only  $1395 for 1st caller

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Hunt ID:5001-CO-S-C-1395-053-ELKMDEER-WFO3RDCRA-B1OS-O1EJ-Pipe Line Trail AmbushPRIVATE LAND RANCH HUNTS FOR ONLY $3000 each reduced to only $1395 WITH BULL ELK LICENSES OVER THE COUNTER for 2nd and 3rd seasons. 4th is a draw but is a 100% draw if applied for before the end of March. We look forward to enjoying the Rocky Mountains with you. When we pack in we are not just hunting national forest, we are hunting a designated Wilderness area, the West Elk Wilderness Area, where no motorized vehicles are permitted, and it is foot or horseback only. This is a big advantage to the game animal’s density and the quality of the elk and deer that we take. This Quality Mule Deer area so it requires 4 points to draw a deer license or a voucher.We have two types of hunts in our elk rich areas of GMU053 and GMU521. All the DIY hunts are $3000 discounted down to only $1395. I will provide you with some historical and current elk location information so that you are not just wandering on all of our hunts. The Elk Story, “The Former World Record Elk was killed here in 1899 by John Plute of Crested Butte.” This is in our permitted area to hunt.(1) The First hunt is a ranch hunt on 120 private acres surrounded by free access TO THOUSANDS OF ACRES OF BLM THAT YOU CAN ACCESS THROUGH THE PRIVATE PROPERTY VIA THE, “Back Door” providing access miles from where anyone else can even access.The best part of this is that it has private but the BLM land is accessed through the private land in an area that no one else can get to. So you are in an area that the only hunters that you see are the ones that you had breakfast with. You can stay in town 12 miles away (Paonia if you reserve a room early enough) and hunt here or for a slight upgrade of $ 200 you can stay in a cabin on the ranch with a shower that feels so good after a day’s hunt. This hunt is limited to 3-4 hunters per season on a 5 day hunt. You pick your 5 days during that season. The ranch property is relatively mild walking and has a stream. Adjacent to the private property is your own access to National Forest. That property can change this from a Low Impact hunt to a Medium Impact hunt if you access the National Forest property. One of the key areas to watch is the canal right-away that the elk use as a migration and travel corridor. Elk frequent this route as they move to and from feed, water and cover along with migration. It is not uncommon during migration as well as the other activities to see elk to come down the route in the morning and back up in the afternoon.Currently available is 3nd season which have over the counter bull elk licenses. The 4th is a draw or leftover situation for licenses. Many times there are leftover cow licenses if you would rather shoot a cow instead of a bull. The second license if you have a bull and a cow or a bull and a buck has a $ 500 cost to have it in your pocket. We can also assist you in getting your elk out with a $ 300 pack out fee per animal. This hunt is 5 days of one of the seasons the first one to book gets their choice of 3nd or 4rd season. It has a minimum of 3 hunters and a maximum of 4 hunters. You can select any 5 days of your season.(2)The Second hunt is a wilderness pack in hunts that take you to the center of where the elk are at that time of the year. You and your group will be drop camped into an area that only contains you and elk. Other hunters cannot get to where you due to distance or natural boundaries. You camp is fully supplied just bring you bedroll, personal gear, rifle and ammo. We provide 1 free elk pack out for each hunter.We are glad you have decided to join us in the Colorado Rockies for a Wilderness Colorado Hunt. We are licensed professional guides and outfitters. We have been in operation since 2002 outfitting hunters in the West Elk and Ragged Wilderness areas of Colorado near Crested Butte.We take you elk hunting, mule deer hunting, bear hunting, and turkey hunting in the West Elk and Raggeds Wilderness areas in Colorado near Crested Butte. Seasonal muzzle loader, archery, black powder, and rifle hunting is available with drop camps and full service horseback outfitting. Drop Camps and Spike Camps. Even though they are called drop camps we don’t just drop you and ride away. There is an orientation that references the area and the successful locations along with maps to point out these locations for reference.We offer drop camps and spike camps are reasonably priced and very popular. You are dropped off by our packers at a fully outfitted drop camps (food not included) by horseback. Our drop camps are fully outfitted with all of the standard camp essentials: canvas tents, propane stoves, propane lights, cots, tables, and all the cooking gear you will need. These are wilderness drop camps, where you are taken in and dropped off by horseback at these drop camps. We then let you know where animals have been seen and harvested in the past. The drop camps are recommended for experienced hunters who want to get deep into the back country without all of packing in and setting up of a wilderness camp. We highly recommend renting a Satellite phone for your safety, and secondly, to communicate with us if you get meat down. This is a wilderness area not a national forest area. The cell towers don’t exist that would cover this primitive area. Many people explain it as, “You are off the Grid. “Once you call after the animal is shot, we can schedule to pack out your harvested animal.We believe in safety first and take pride in what we do, providing you with safe and successful hunts. Our guides are CPR and First Aid certified, very knowledgeable about the area, and have years of experience. ***Guided hunts are only upon special request and limited.THIS OUTFITTER IS FULL AT THIS TIME EXCEPT FOR THE 3ND AND 4RD SEASON RIFLE ALONG WITH A WEEK OR TWO DURRING ARCHERY AS DROP CAMPS. THE AREA IS KNOWN FOR BIG BULLS AND THE PRICES ARE DISCOUNTED BELOW MARKET PRICES FOR SIMILAR HUNTS.DIY HuntsRanch Hunt-DIYDescription Duration Cost x number of hunters5 days’ rifle 3 hunters $3000 discounted down to only $ 1,495 per person5 days’ rifle 4 hunters $3000 discounted down to only $ 1,395 per personExtra Days above 5 Cabin LodgingRanch Cabin lodging for your Ranch Hunt is $500 discounted to only $ 195 per personThis is less than what you would pay in Paonia if you could get a room there and a lot of driving back and forth.The cabin is furnished and has the facilities to cook your own meals.1 Day Guiding AvailableIf you would like a 1 day guided hunt the will guide 2 hunters for 1 day, then if more hunters ad $ 100 each, the outfitter will hunt with you and show you the honey holes.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pack in Guided HuntsDescription Duration Cost2 Hunters Per One Guide $5500 discounted down to only $ 3,495 per personGuided Elk & Deer Hunts 7 days’ rifle $3,495 per personGuided Elk & Deer Hunts 8 day’s archery & black powder $3,495 per person 1 on 1 Guided HuntsRifle 7 days $6000 discounted down to only $3,995 per personArchery & Black powder $6000 discounted down to only $3,995 per person8 days Rifle $6000 discounted down to only $3,995 per personDrop Camps (No Guide, DIY)Archery & Black Powder 8 days$2000 discounted down to only $ 1,495 per personDrop Camps7 days’ rifle $3000 discounted down to only $ 1,495 per personWe call this a Drop Camo, unguided to you can use it to match apples in price comparison, but it is a Semi-Guided Drop Camp. Our repeat clientele shows why it is so well received and we have many of the same hunters every year.In the past, I would guide hunters on pack in hunts but I am only one person with attention to detail and even more so attention to success of the hunter. I found that the area I have been guiding was a very successful are for my hunters, which had a lot to do with them coming back year after year.A guided hunt means I stay with you, you get tent lodging and meals cooked by me. I am not a bad cook but my guide and outfitting skills far surpassed my cooking skills for certain.My drop camps are not just ride and drop. I spend a great amount of tie to fill you with the knowledge you would have had if you knew the area like the back of your hand, had previously hunted it, had previously hunted it, and had previously taken elk on it, all like I have.The session I have with my hunters at their camp is hard core down to earth, “This is the best way to hunt this area and why.” We go over maps of the area, where the elk bed during the day, and where they travel in the migration corrido during the season you are hunting, but more important since elk don’t migrate by the calendar, more by the weather and snowfall, where they are now. The season has possibilities but my elk have 90 days to travel 50 miles. A trip that they can do in a week if need be. During that 90 days, the continue to feed and bed every day. There maybe 3 miles between the two locations or a quarter mile. Knowing where to hunt at that particular week in those particular locations that I have selected because if their location close to elk habitat that hold elk is what is the first component of successful hunting.Some of these were hunt I guided out of and you know as an outfitter and a guide I would never camp in a place that is second best. I am placing you near my honey holes. Far enough that you don’t disturb them with your camp noise, but close enough to walk hunt to them.Most Outfitter, guided and hunters don’t realize the lead cow is what sets the direction and the daily travel and migration route as well as daily routes. That is why a location that works year after year suddenly stop taking elk it can many time be due to a change of command in the elk herd. The lead cow is either shot or injured and is no longer the lead cow. The new leader has a course that they feel is safer and leads the heard in her best interests, not that of the prior administration.I am always updating my best areas because remember I pack every killed elk off the mountain, so I always know the current best areas. I also take in the skill level of the hunters that I have in my Semi-guided hunts. Their success has a lot to do with their skills, time management, and physical ability. If I have a group that booked a Semi-Guided Drop camp because it was a price they could afford but have never hunted elk before, their ability to close the deal on a big bull may put the odds in the bull direction during contact with the bull. If they don’t fill it doesn’t mean the elk weren’t there, weather they saw them or not, and weather they killed or not. On the other hand, if I have a group with years of successful elk hunting and don’t need a guided hunt the outcome of the hunt after I watch them during my informative pre-hunt session with them on what to do to be successful. From watching their attentive ness, response to questions and understand my detail on location the elk tell me what level of skilled hunters they are. Killing elk is all about locating them before they see you. That is the number 1 skill to hone to a point. My talk with them tells me that there know how to find elk or will just have to happen on elk to kill on.Many may find this information in the above paragraph a bit hard. I don’t mean it to be, I want to do everything possible for your success, and it does no good telling hunters after they have hunted 5 days for me to say, “Yes, I knew you would be successful because of the feedback I got from you during the pre-hunt detail we went through. Instead I explain it again at a level of experience that the group understand and can use successfully if they follow my successful instructions.We try to provide you as many days as possible to hunt when you are here. Sometimes the calendar and season dates don’t allow us as long as possible. We will confirm the dates so you know when to arrive the day before your schedules pack in dates. On pack in hunts there is one day to pack in and 1 day to pack out for your hunting trip. The Ranch is 7,500 feet in elevation and our early season hunt camps are at 9000 feet plus. This is where the game spends the early season and move down as the weather pushes them.Our guided Colorado hunts are traditional horse and mule pack in hunting camps. These guided hunts are in the West Elk and Raggeds Wilderness areas in the Gunnison National Forest. No motorized vehicles are allowed in these areas. This improves the quality of the guided hunts and your hunting experience. Professional guides and experienced mountain horses get you to those remote areas where you will find game. During your guided hunts we hunt hard using calls and the stalking method, depending on the season. Our chief cooks hardy mountain meals for those long days in the woods. The camp accommodations are dry canvas tents with wood and propane stoves, propane lights, cots with pads, and tables. Our guided hunts and camps are limited to small groups. We will provide you with a safe, ethical, comfortable, and exciting wilderness hunting experience. We hunt early at the 9000 foot plus elevations and slowly lower our hunting altitudes as the game migrates lower. Even with that we pack in approximately 6 miles from the ranch.You will be hunting, deep into the heart of the West Elk Wilderness and Raggeds Wilderness areas. The Colorado Rocky Mountains are the perfect place for your Colorado Hunts, a wilderness hunting adventure to remember, you won’t know the rest of the world is even out there! ===================================================================================Season Dates are as follows:1st week 08/27/-09/02 Archery2st Week 09/03-09/09/11 Archery 3nd week 09/10-09/18 Muzzleloader 4th week 09/19-09/25 ArcheryLicense FeesImportant Note: Anyone ages 18-64 MUST purchase a Habitat Stamp to buy or apply for a preference point or for a hunting or fishing license. For more information, see Habitat Stamp Basics. ResidentNonresidentElk, Cow$ 49$ 469Elk, Bull or Either Sex$ 49$ 629Deer$ 34$ 379Moose$ 254$ 2,084Pronghorn, Buck or Doe$ 34$ 379Bear$ 44$ 354*All prices include a 25-cent search-and-rescue fee, a 75-cent surcharge for the Wildlife Management Education Fund and a $3 application fee for limited licenses applied for in the draw. *Nonresident fishing licenses are good through March 31.Habitat Stamps (non-refundable)ResidentNonresidentHabitat Stamp (valid 4/1–3/31)$ 10$ 10Lifetime Habitat Stamp$ 300.25$ 300.25Greg MerriamSenior Hunt Locator & Hunt PlannerMaster Hunt BrokerMaster Land Owner Voucher BrokerDiscounted Hunts LLCOutdoor Writers LLCPro-Staff Dead Down Wind Scent ProductsPro-Staff Benchmaster Shooting Accuracy Products 1204 Button Rock Drive Longmont, Co 80504303-776-7528 Voice303-746-1214 Cell Phone Email: DeerElkBear@Gmail.comWeb Page: http://www.discountedhunts.netWeb Page: Discounted HuntsSkype: DiscountedHuntsUtube: Phone line 305-848-8888, room number \"1117461214#\"Web Page for Vouchers This is the Link to the land Owner Voucher List is Antelope Hunting info This is Mule Deer Hunting info This is Elk Hunting info This is Whitetail Deer Hunting info Click on the Photo on the left to find where trophy Deer and Elk are located, we know because we take many each year. Please send help with rifles, muzzleloaders or bows!This is the Link to the land Owner Voucher ListWe accept Bless the soldiers that risk their lives to protect this great country we live in and keep us safe from those of those that wish the soldiers and us harm. 8

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