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2003 Blazer - Sold As Is - $1800 (Pierre)

  2003 Blazer - Sold As Is - $1800 Pierre

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2003 Chevy Blazer, 4-Door, 4-Wheel Drive - Selling As Is (This Baby has some problems)
234,000+ Miles, No Accidents

Let me start by saying that I love this bronzed piece of garbage. She is a goddess from the heavens and deserves to be treated accordingly. I am not desperate to sell, and if the sale is turning complicated or difficult, I'm out. No trade-ins or bartering.

It hurts me to say, but this girl has needs that I just cannot satisfy. I have put less than 5,000 miles on this car in the last 27 months, and this beautiful road warrior deserves more attention and personal touch. I've nurtured this sexy beast from wee pup to old maid, but she still has the spark of life in her. Part of me wants to uncork a bottle of Tequila, drive my girl out to the Baja track, and ride towards dawn until the Blazer or I die, either way, it will be a worthy and righteous end. I'm posting this ad to give the Ol' Blaze a chance at a new life, a better life...with you. Let's get started.

The Bad:
No Air Conditioning. The compressor and alternator were replaced and freon was balanced but it still doesn't work. Probably a $120 fix for a mechanic, but I never did it. This is more of an all-windows-down-as-you-drive-with-your-head-out-the-window-Ace-Ventura-style vehicle anyway.
This car has lost a few fights in its day, most notably to a perma-fried ex-coworker who managed to back into it at least 8 times at our work parking lot. Noticeable dents on the front bumper and Chevy insignia and several (cat/bear?) scratches on the hood. Remember, Cindy Crawford had a beauty mark too.
Tires - Rear tires are two years old, good amount of tread, but the front tires have about as much rubber as a dishwashing glove, and that might be generous. They should definitely be replaced before winter.
"The Shakes" - Once you get up to about 75 mph this car starts behaving like an epileptic at a Pink Floyd concert. It's fine at 70, fine at 90, but if you're going 75-85, don't carry any hot coffee in your lap.
Miscellaneous - This is where it gets fun. Over our 13 years together, both the Blazer and I have changed, whether it be personal and emotional growth, or shit in random places just breaking for no apparent reason, we've both seen a lot. Both the center console sunglasses and CD holders do not open/shut like intended. The driver side visor mirror cover is busted off. Driver side front doorstop is broken and on a windy day will whip and lacerate the car/person 3 feet to your left faster than you can say "Indiana Jones". The front passenger door sometimes takes a Herculean effort to open and I never learned why. The CD player straight up doesn't work when its below freezing and alternately will burn your hand in an inferno of blazing hellfire if you touch the radio when a CD is playing. The "Service Engine Soon", "ABS", Parking Brake, and Seatbelt dashboard lights have been permanently lit up for about 5 years. Although the dash is lit up like the 4th of July, nothing is actually wrong. I've had the lights and their corresponding parts analyzed twice and both times the auto shop indicated that it was a sensor issue and nothing was actually plaguing those systems. Driver's window leaks some air and sometimes is slow to roll up. Someone once said "Suffering builds character", and if that holds true then this car has character in droves.

The Good:
Although the above section may be intimidating, there actually is really nothing wrong with this vehicle excluding needing two new tires and the very minor inconveniences that are listed above. It runs great, it's fun to drive, and provides all the versatility associated with SUVs.
New in the last 15,000 miles: Rear Tires, Alternator, Compressor, Belts, Brakes/Shoes/Rotors, Radiator including connection hoses. Recent oil change, new air filter, and recently detailed so it's actually cleaner than when I rolled it off the used car lot in 2005.
This car is a winter warrior. The heater burns with a fury of a thousand suns, 4WD for tough spots, and if you crave adventure, in 2WD you can blaze donuts and drift corners like you're Steve McQueen in Bullitt.
Ultra-reliable: 234,000 miles and this car has only ever broken down on the road once, and that was due to an electrical wire slipping its connection and causing a short. It was an $80 fix and was on the road the next day.
Seats 5, plenty of room in the back, and a two-rail roof rack on top. Radio/CD player/Cigarette Lighter Outlets/All Speakers work as intended. Sleek and stylish all black interior really locks in heat giving you the option to bake delicious dashboard cookies on hot summer days.
Conclusion: If you've made it this far, I applaud you for reading that wall of text. To reward your dedication I'll let you know that the price is negotiable, but please be reasonable. If it's listed at $1,800, don't try and offer me $900 and a carton of cigarettes.
If you have any questions, want to set up an inspection/test drive, or just want to save us both time and buy it outright, please contact me via e-mail

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Last Updated on: January 20, 2018
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