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Outside Sales Representative - Carbondale

Outside Sales Representative - Carbondale

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Our outside full time sales representatives employed 2 + years had a mean (average) Income of $111,950. While the full-time sales rep employed 2+ years had a median (middle) income of $82,185, top reps made over $550,000 in commissions and overrides last year. We still need additional outside sales representatives for our growing, financially sound, Elgin, Illinois manufacturer/distributor, established in 1974. You'll be selling over 100,000 high repeat items including cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools and equipment, maintenance supplies, paper products, shipping supplies, lighting, gloves, wipers, rags, industrial safety products, floor mats, drill bits, fasteners, tools, etc. You'll also have pricing authority and some of the lowest costs in the Midwest. No paperwork, no reports to fill out, no travel, no evenings, thorough training, and minimal supervision that will make you feel like you own your own business. 35 of our 100+ person sales force has worked here over 10 years. We're open 7:30 am to 7 pm. Over 93% of stocking items are shipped the same day. Over 1,000 items we stock are under our private label. We also self-manufacture over 100 liquid and powdered cleaners. We treat our sales force like customers! Normal commissions and other incentives total $43,000 to $88,000 for a new recruit who makes our full quotas his/her first 12 months. We can verify this for you. All compensation is paid on a W-2, not a 1099 basis. We also offer a 401K plan where you can defer $19,000 of your pay from federal and state income taxes. After 90 days of employment, new recruits who are making quota qualify for our medical insurance where 1st Ayd pays 80% of the employee's premium for him/her self. Moreover, here is how you could realistically put $4,500 or more in your pocket your very first month. 1. Working 8-9 hours a day including commuting time, lets assume you make 10 cold calls per day verified by a business card, envelope, or stationary. Fax or e-mail those in weekly to our office. We'll send you $5 per cold call immediately plus an additional $5 per cold call at the end of the month as long as you're making our very reasonable commission quota. 10 cold calls per day x $5 plus $5 = $10 per cold call = $100 per day before commissions. (We call it a cold call even if you walk in a repair shop and the person is out to lunch or on vacation) See addendum for partial list of potential accounts. 2. We also provide you $6 worth of free samples to hand out at our wholesale cost ($10 - $12 value at retail) for every cold call at no cost to you! Thus 1st Ayd is investing as much as $5 cash + $5 cash + $6 samples, or $16 for each cold call you make to help you start your business. 10 cold calls x $16 = $160 that we are investing per day! 3. After you have reached a modest threshold of $450 in commissions the first month, we will start a weekly advance each Monday to help your cash flow. If you generated $300 in commission by selling $1500 at 20%, we would advance you that $300 on that next Monday. Then you would be paid another 20% - $300 when that account pays that invoice. Your \\\"double commission\\\" will be paid when these accounts pay in as long as you are still employed at 1st Ayd and making our quotas (during the 1st twelve months, and at the 150% regular commission if they pay within your second twelve months). 4. At the end of the month we also pay salespeople $50 for each new account even if the order is only $100 and at 10% commission. (eg if a salesperson opened 10 new accounts: 10 x $50 = $500). 5. We also pay you to start learning our business. We have 70 one hour training videos online. After 6 preliminary training videos online, we will pay you up to $25 for each quiz you answer correctly. This way you get over 40 hours of classroom training plus extra cash flow of up to $1,700. 6. Also, we ask that you spend 2 eight hour days field training with one of our experienced sales representatives. Look at this estimated pay example: 200 cold calls @ $10/stop = $2,000 $5,000 in sales at 20% including bonus (for achieving quota) = $1,000 20 new accounts @ $50/new acct. = $1,000 Estimated Total: $4,000 plus you will be paid the double commission (the other $1000) when those accounts pay in as long as you are still employed at 1st Ayd and making our quotas (assumes they pay during your 1st twelve months. If they pay your second year, you will receive an extra 50% or $500). Thus, your first month, you're pocketing $4,000 on just $5,000 in sales! Plus perhaps extra money for videos, training and quizzes. Important: Our compensation system is subject to other important provisions in our contract. If any conflict, our contract, not this explains the rules.The ideal candidates must possess the following: Outside cold call/sales experience: 1. Ability to make 1000 - 2,400 cold calls in your first year 2. Ability to work independently 3. Contractual commitment to work full-time (absolutely no sidelines or concurrent jobs without written permission from 1st Ayd). The successful candidate can achieve: 4. 1st year income up to the high 80's. (Much higher possibly if you are legally able to bring an existing account base from a competitor) 5. 2nd year income up to low $100,000 (second year record is $132,000 for a current sales rep who never worked with a competitor). 6. 100% employee paid 401K is available. 7. Thorough classroom and field training 8. Option to recruit and train others for 10% override on their commission after doubling the 1st year and after 150% their second year, plus $50 for each new account your recruit opens for 2 years plus a $5000 bonus if he/she make our quotas for 24 months. 9. For long distance recruits who are making our quotas, reimbursement of mileage to drive to our monthly Saturday (9:30 am to 12:30 pm CST) sales training meetings (optional if you are 250+ miles from Elgin, IL). 10. This is a W-2, not a 1099 position. If you are a success-minded person who enjoys a family friendly work environment, 1st Ayd Corporation is ready to give you the opportunity to achieve your goals. The earning potential is up to you. Please e-mail your resume to [Click Here to Email Your Resume]. Go to our website at to see our best sellers (However, this catalog is only 5% of our items!) Last, Here is a partial listing of the types of accounts we sell (Our broad product line and low prices allow you to sell a wide spectrum of accounts; keeping your driving and expenses to a minimum): Airlines Factories Newspapers Ambulance Service Farm Impliment Dealers Nursing Homes Amusement Parks Farmers Animal Shelters Fleet Repairs Office Equipment Repair Apartment Complexes Food Distributors Oil Change Shops Asphalt Yards (e) Food Processing/Food Manufacturers Auto Body Shops (e) Foreign Auto Repair (e) Party Rentals Auto Repair (e) Fork Lift Sales/Service (e) Paving Companies Auto or Truck Rentals (e) Fire Departments Frame Alignment Service Stations Beer Distributors Furniture Repair Shopping Malls Binderies Small Business Fleets Body Shops (e) Gas Stations w/Repair Faculties (e) Snow Removal Companies Botanical Gardens Golf Courses State Government Garage Bottling Companies Governments (most) Bowling Alleys Gravel Pits/Yards Tent Rental Companies Box Companies Grocery Stores Tire Sales or Repair Bus Companies (e) Towing Companies Township Government Garage Cabinet Shops Health Clubs Transmission Shop Car Dealerships Heating and Air Conditioning Traveler Repairing Car Rental Companies (e) Homeless Shelters Truck Dealerships (e) Car Washes Hospitals Truck Repairs (e) Carnivals (e) Hotels/Motels Truck Rentals (e) Caterers Tune Up Shops (e) Cemeteries Jails Chain Store HDQ US Post Offices Garages Churches Kennels US Post Offices Cleaning Services City Government Landscapers Vehicle Maintenance Shops Companies with Fleets Lawnmower/Snowmobile Repairs (e) Veterinarians Construction Companies Large Printers Contractors Warehouses Country Clubs Manufacturers Welders County Government Garage Marinas Well Drillers Metal Workers Woodworking Day Care Military Bases Detail Shops Mobile Truck Washing Companies Zoos Disposal Companies Moving Companies Doggie Day Care Most National HDQ's Muffler Shops Engine Rebuilders Municipal Garages (e) Equipment Rental Companies Municipal Water Treatment Plants (e) = Easiest to start with in first few months Bold = means best prospect with most upside In all cases, our contract, and not this ad, rules and controls the agreement.


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