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FURNISHED SINGLE OCCUPANCY 2ND FLOOR ROOM FOR RENT AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY $450/month includes utilities and wifi. $1125 to move in today. Security is refundable upon moving out as long as you don't damage anything beyond normal wear and tear. If you break something we prefer you fix it immediately rather than use your deposit. WE'RE LOCATED IN SALISBURY JUST A FEW MINUTES FROM THE SUMMIT LAWN EXIT OF 309, IN THE WOODS, WITH DEER AND VERY FEW NEIGHBORS. NO CATS OR DOGS ALLOWED. NO EXCEPTIONS. Caged pets like reptiles and such are ok. NO EXCEPTIONS ON THE SINGLE OCCUPANCY PART OR THE PETS UNLESS IT'S SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY. NEVER CATS AND DOGS. The room may be ready for move in un furnished if you prefer. FYI only split box springs wil fit up the steps. THE RATE MAY BE SLIGHTLY NEGOTIABLE DEPENDING ON THE RESPONSES. The responses are usually abundant and no exceptions need be made. IF YOU ARE READING THIS THAT MEANS THE ROOM IS STILL AVAILABLE SO PLEASE SKIP THAT QUESTION. Asking if the room is available will make a bad first impression and so will asking questions that are answered later in this ad. Living here is a golden opportunity. If you haven't encountered a reason living with us won't work out yet then it's certainly worth reading the rest of the ad in it's entirety. We normally don't respond to people that obviously haven't read the entire ad. We are looking for a mature and responsible tenant. A JOB AND PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT ARE A MUST. Good Tenant references are helpful but not necessary. We normally do year leases but may do less depending on the responses and the situation. Typically we have a line of people waiting to see the place when the right person comes along and snags the room. CASH ONLY TO MOVE IN NO EXCEPTIONS. We will provide a legit receipt every time you pay rent if you want. WE DON'T PLAY GAMES. Cash only eliminates most of the games. We've been renting rooms for years so please don't waste your time or ours coming here trying to get over on us somehow. It won't work. It'll just be a waste of all of our time.

ABOUT US: My fiance and I are a straight couple who have a family of 3 super friendly blue nose pitbulls that live with us and sleep in one of our 2 bedrooms at night. We also have our best tenant ever living with us. He is only at the house 3 nights per week at the most. Sometimes only a few days per month. He has been here for a year with no complaints and will be here for years to come. Our 5 BR house is recently updated and we are constantly doing work to it during normal hours. This house is our nest egg and we take very good care of it. To live here you must do the same. We don't have very many rules. Mainly just the rules involving respect. Respect us at all times and we will always show you nothing but respect. Respect our dogs and they will like you forever. Respect all of us and our house and we will all get along just fine. We respect your privacy, will never go in your room unless absolutely necessary, and expect the same from you. Just because our 2 bedrooms may not be locked does NOT mean you are welcome in there. Our bedrooms are off limits unless we invite you into one of our bedrooms. Don't get the wrong idea, no swinging ha ha. THIS IS A SINGLE OCCUPANCY ROOM UNLESS YOU'VE GOT AN EXTRAORDINARY ROOMING REQUEST. Year lease preferred. May do less depending on the responses. We would like to get someone in the room as soon as possible but we will NOT take just anybody. We choose our tenants very carefully. This will not be your trap house. Normal working people desiring the longer lease are what every landlord prefers.

ABOUT THE HOUSE: Our 5 BR house sits on 1.25 acres down a long private driveway. There's plenty of off street parking. We also have a huge front porch and huge back deck. Use them all you want. The back is great for getting some sun and relaxing. You can barely hear any noise other than a couple neighbors that all live over 100 yards away from us. There are never strangers wandering back here. It is posted private property and the only people that ever pass our house live in the house behind us or are guests of those people. Our house is located on South Mountain just a few minutes from the Summit Lawn exit of 309. We have DEER in our yard and other things you're welcome to hunt since they're abundant and they're all pests to our garden. We have excellent well water we drink most of the time because it's so good and we are semi healthy people. We have a 3 bay 9 car garage. You may rent an oversized garage bay for an extra fee. Otherwise there is plenty of off street parking. Your room is on the 2nd floor with 1 other bedroom that we use for storage and will never rent. You may store some things in that room also. There are new washer and dryer in the basement. The basement and garage are separate and there is a dehumidifier running non stop so the laundry room will never get musty like a typical basement.

TO MOVE IN: YOU MUST HAVE A JOB AND $450 FIRST MONTH'S RENT, PLUS $450 LAST MONTH'S RENT, PLUS $225 HALF A MONTH SECURITY DEPOSIT. The amount ensures you're staying a couple months and won't destroy the place. Some people charge 2 full month's security. The room is freshly painted and has a single bed, nice dresser with mirror, and a basic TV. We DON'T waste money on cable but you're more than welcome to add that to the wifi bill. More than likely you'll get unlimited access to TV and movies the way we do and be happy to say bye bye cable. You'll have storage space in the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator but most tenants prefer to get a mini fridge for their room. You may also store some things in the extra bedroom or basement. There's plenty of storage space here. YOU MUST NOT PLAN ON TAKING OVER OUR LIVING ROOM. You may use it occasionally but you're renting a room and it's not our living room. If you're still reading this there's a chance you're a good candidate to live with us. It seems that the people that can't read the whole ad can't make the cut to live here. We're not sure why but we're continuously studying the correlation between the 2. SINGLE OCCUPANCY. NO CATS OR DOGS ALLOWED. CASH ONLY TO MOVE IN. NO EXCEPTIONS.

WHEN YOU RESPOND TELL US:(1 Text Message is Preferred for our fastest response.)

1. Your Name and Contact Number
2. When you must move out of your current residence?
3. What you do for work and how many hours per week you work?
4. When is the best time for you to see our place?
5. Do you have $1125 to move in?
6. Your questions?

PLEASE DON'T CALL ME BEFORE I RESPOND TO YOUR FIRST TEXT OR EMAIL. I HAVE A VERY BUSY DAY AND DO THINGS THIS WAY FOR VERY GOOD REASON. I can't talk to 100 people today and this simple process weeds out a lot of not serious people that would've otherwise just wasted my time. Serious people won't mind spending a few minutes writing a basic message as requested. I will respond to the messages in the order they are received and give the same orderly opportunity to see the place. People that aren't aware how to make a bad first impression will call for whatever reason they feel necessary and will also forfeit consideration for the room. Ignorance is never given special attention in this house. IF I FORGOT SOMETHING OR IF THERE IS SOMETHING YOU WANT TO KNOW PLEASE ASK. THE EASIER YOU ARE TO TALK TO AND QUICKER YOU ACTUALLY GET OUT HERE TO SEE THE PLACE, THE MORE LIKELY YOU ARE TO HAVE THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO MOVE IN HERE. MOVING IN THIS WEEKEND IS POSSIBLE FOR JUST THE RIGHT PERSON. IT'S NOT HARD TO MOVE IN THIS WEEKEND OR EARLY NEXT WEEK. JUST DON'T MAKE THE PRE MOVE-IN PROCESS ANY HARDER THAN IT SHOULD BE. WE' HOD CONSIDER HOLDING THE ROOM FOR THE RIGHT CANDIDATE THAT CAN'T MOVE IN IMMEDIATELY FOR SOME LEGITIMATE REASON. SORRY FOR ALL THE CAPS IF YOU THINK I'M YELLING. I'M NOT REALLY YELLING. JUST HIGHLIGHTING IMPORTANT PARTS THAT MATTER MOST.

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Last Updated on: February 21, 2018
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